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Cogent Computer Systems

Cogent Computer Systems
Cogent Computer Systems - Cogent Computer Systems, Inc., has been designing and manufacturing Single Board Computers (SBC's) since 1992. We originally produced SBC's for software developers but as more and more functionality was integrated onto the CPU it became economically feasible to design and produce boards which could be used for both OEM use and software development.
Cogent delivers sophisticated boards that are small in size and price, fully featured and easy to use.
The CSB3xx family was introduced in 2002 and was designed to provide a rugged, low cost SBC for development and embedded use. The CSB6xx family was introduced in 2004 and was designed to complement the offerings of the CSB3xx family, but in a smaller, more highly integrated size. In 2007 the CSB7xx family was announced. Its main goal was to take advantage of the trend towards smaller CPU packages and the availability of the 200-Pin SODIMM standard. This allows the CSB7xx family to support multiple CPU architectures in a single common footprint. This allows the leveraging of an extensive development environment with I/O adapters, LCD displays and more, for all members of the CSB7xx family, not just one or two.
The Cogent Single Board computers (CSB) are based upon today's most popular integrated CPU architectures such as ARM, PowerPC, MIPS and ColdFire. Our SBC's are small in size and price, fully featured and easy to use. The CSB7xx series provides a cost effective platform for integration into custom equipment as well as for software development. Our boards derive much of their functionality from the CPU but supplement that functionality with selected off-chip peripherals.

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